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About the Office of Investments

Established in 2008, the Office of Investments was created to ensure strategic management of the university's Long-Term Investment Pool. Led by our Vice President and Chief Investment Officer, John C. Lane, the Office of Investment's goal is to deliver long-term, attractive, risk-adjusted returns to support the educational and research goals of the university. The investment team continuously strives to identify market opportunities where price and underlying value are misaligned.

The Office of Investments has adopted an asset allocation model that groups assets into three broad thematic categories. This model enables the investment team to be responsive to changing market conditions. We implement the asset allocation model by partnering with external managers. This allows the Office of Investments to build a portfolio of specialized investment teams from around the world to implement our strategic allocation. The investment portfolio currently includes public equity, fixed income, hedge funds, and real assets. While generating strong real returns over market cycles is important, we also believe active risk management is a critical part of our investment process. 

Mission Statement

Our mission is to focus on the management of the University's Long-Term Investment Pool with the goal of delivering strong risk-adjusted rates of returns over time. We strive to manage the portfolio for maximum long-term real returns commensurate with the risk tolerance of the University.

Contact Information

Office of Investments
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